• GJ Fredbear

    Hey, guys. The poll "Do you agree that the old wiki here needs to be closed?" what I've created has 48 agreements and 18 disagreements and ongoing. This will make the old wiki closed for good when Mynax adopt it. And btw, we don't need two wikis. The new wiki here is a lot better. :)

    Be sure to start voting yes at the old wiki.

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  • TRToybox

    In game theories

    September 20, 2014 by TRToybox

    As you know Five Nights at Freddys is a game that has a pretty unclear story. I will take the time to go over some theories that I have come up with. -contribute theories if you wish, I will b happy to add them to the page.

    Bite of 87, The bite of 87 is possibly an untrue myth that was start Ed up by some employees at the pizzeria. Phone guy only mentioned it briefly and there's not newspaper article on it.(mission children incident has four different articles). It is not put into detail except that an animatronics bit out a customer's/s frontal lobe/s. However it is the only spoken reason why foxy is "out of order".

    Foxy out of order As we have already discussed the only mentioned reason Foy is shut down is because he caused the Bite of 87.…

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  • Cygnusomega

    This is a blog

    September 20, 2014 by Cygnusomega

    Why is there a blag here of all things. Who would keep a blag on a wikia page other than collective staff members.

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  • Foxy the pirate cove cliche

    Hi uhh, probably not the best place to post fanart, but this was too good to NOT post.

    -Rukario Mcfly, a kind Australian Foxy.

    Based off of an OC I had originally thought of. NOT MY WORK!!!!!

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  • Faithless Angel

    Yes, I am creating a News Blog if anybody wants to join in you can but you must be an active user. It will feature FN@F News, World News and Irrelevant Posts.

    FN@F News

    Not much really, added a Moderation Link, that's about it.

    World News

    Scotland isn't willing to become independent after all. Ebola is getting even worse, there is no cure so the best they can hope for is for the disease to isolate itself.

    Irrelevant Section

    ​Do you like BABYMETAL and Super Smash Bros has finally got a demo over here in the West so Yay!

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  • The Mexican Guard

    I DID IT!

    September 19, 2014 by The Mexican Guard

    I finally beat Five Nights at Freddys!... WOW. This game was awesome, i love it! Its easily on my Top 10 Horror games. 100% Recommended.

    Drago in the lair (talk) 04:10, September 19, 2014 (UTC)Drago

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  • DargonKing101

    For those who don't have a computer and only an iPad (like me) and want to play Five Nights at Freddy's, Scott Cawthon has brought it to the App Store. Now you can play it on the bus, on a train or even when your hiding in your security office at Chuck E. Cheeses thinking that an anamatronics mouse will come to life. I played on my way back from Italy to help drown out the plane noises. But really, Scott should be given an award for this outstanding game AND bringing it to iOS. I don't know about the Google Play store, but it's safe to say we have Five Nights at Freddy's on our iPhones and iPads.


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  • Triforce of Batman


    September 18, 2014 by Triforce of Batman

    Helu, em batmen and e lek deh game frede 5 nites at. Mah fevrit is dah cickan... She cripy.

    Try to translate that.

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  • Angeyzombeh

    I can't seem to see the chat, I can comment but cannot see what others are saying or who is there, even though the wiki says people are in the chat, this might be just because I'm on mobile, but I'm not sure.

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  • DaClassicDude

    Night 4 Call

    Phone Guy in Office

    -Right door closed (Foxy's Bang)

    -So no Bonnie

    -He wanted to check on Chica and checked the Kitchen

    -Heard noise, but was Freddy (and his jingle) in the kitchen

    -Then moaning appears (chica snuck into the room)

    aaaaaaand he dies. But what about that deep screech? Hrmm...

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  • XTrixi3

    I played FNaF not long ago, and it wasn't overwhelmingly scary. In fact, I've been more scared watching Youtubers play scary games. That being said, it still felt like a unique game and it had its good moments. If you were to rank it with other horror games out there, where would FNaF place?

    For me, it would be somewhere above Slender and SCP Containment breach but below Amnesia by a small margin. 

    What are you guys' opinions? I'd like to hear.

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  • Angeyzombeh

    I would personally like to see a play area/ arcade added and maybe the entrance, just to make it feel more real, and also maybe another staff room, but those are just my opinions.

    (Note: kinda freak out right now, just heard a jingle that sounded suspiciously like Freddy's music box...)

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  • Constable Huxley the Horse

    IT'S ME! I'd like to know about your expectations for the sequel to Five Night's at Freddy's. I have some cool thoughts, but I'd like to know yours. Here are some topics to get you going.

    • Story
    • New Animatronics
    • Leaving Out Animatronics
    • New Rooms
    • New Gameplay Mechanics
    • Features To Remove

    Go ahead and roll those ideas around in your brain- your frontal lobe, specifically. I need to taste the details. Also, rules should be abided by. Here are the rules:

    • Nothing Explicit (Language, Sex, Etc.)
    • No Arguing

    - Feel free to disagree

    - We all have our own unique ideas

    • Stay On Topic

    - Animatronic roleplay is fine as long as you stay on topic

    • Wikia Rules

    I look forward to hearing your ideas. Remember the rules and be clear about what you think would be just dandy in …

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  • Killerwolf432

    Great Horror Game

    September 15, 2014 by Killerwolf432

    I don't have much too say but all I have to say is that "Five Nights at Freddy's" is a really good horror game.

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  • Police Officer (T-1000)

    Bla bla

    September 15, 2014 by Police Officer (T-1000)

    Bla bla bla :')

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  • Faithless Angel

    Crazy Theories

    September 15, 2014 by Faithless Angel

    I was thinking, the Wikia admins don't allow crazy theories but I will place a Theories part on my page. If you would like to submit one, you can either to the comments part of this page or you can place one on my talk page if you want to.


    1) Please sign your posts with the ChaosEpsilon (talk) 15:45, September 15, 2014 (UTC)

    2) Please place your theories with evidence

    I will leave you my Theory, the phone guy is freddy

    The previous guard, who leaves you voice-mails on your phone, is a mysterious fellow who gives somewhat dubious advice, and a bit of lore. He seems to have worked here for a while, considering the animatronic's free-roam mode would set it very recently, if not in the very near future, and his referring to a certain bite in …

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  • FuzzyHamster

    Confused with the cursors

    September 14, 2014 by FuzzyHamster

    Like it says above, wut is up with the cursors.

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  • Foxiette

    First day

    September 14, 2014 by Foxiette

    First day at this wiki. Here's to the future. *raises glass of champagne* 

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  • XxX FaZe D4NKSC0P3 XxX

    Sup m8s Today I will teach u how 2 4v1 Freddy

    A: Get Mountain Dew B: Get Doritos C: Blaze It D: Watch this shit

    U should be ready 4 campers

    A: Watchthis educational video B: Practice MLG

    Ull need to be the most MLG trickshotter to best FreDDy Clan A: Watch this important video B: Not suck

    U shuld be redy4freddy after this tutortial

    Comment what happened

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  • Bed head zed


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  • Faithless Angel


    September 13, 2014 by Faithless Angel

    Do you guys really want another FN@F's. I personally really do want a second one. I won't be able to play it until a Kindle Port but I hope the God that is Scott, will try to make this game even scarier than the last. Also RP's you guys keep doing what you do, it brings flavour to the internet you know. 

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  • Arata Shijima

    Ah, hello everyone. I'm a newbie around the Wikia. I was chatting with my friend, Low, and also commonly 

    known as Anson about his progress at the 20/20/20/20 mode, which he was attempting. He told me:

    Now, I wish to discuss this with all of you.

    Anson's Facebook:

    My Facebook:

    Feel free to add me, and him. We are convo-active.


    Edit: He told me more about it.

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  • Graham.carthy.9

    Who killed the phone guy. I think it was chica let me tell you why. First the baning on the doors, Foxy of course! This means that the left door is locked so its not Bonnie or Foxy. Then we here freddys song witch makes you think it was freddy but it cant beacuase it plays when you run out of power but how would he be talking on the phone he needs power! This song also plays when freddys in the kitchen, so what if he checks the cameras and see and heres freddy and says Oh no puts down the camera and chica kills him.


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  • MaintenanceRequired

    Some proposals which would make the wiki interesting.

    • Special administrator colours. They can be bold, and in a different colour. Rollbacks can be in italics, and different colours. This can be useful when identifying who's who.
    • Forum. The forum can be found in the WikiLabs. Rather than user blogs, they can make threads, and it tracks what threads and notifies for new replies.

    More coming soon.

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  • ElvisDitto

    I LOVE this game

    September 12, 2014 by ElvisDitto

    Man, I would love to shake Scott's hand and thank him for bringing to the world one of the most unique, original and scary games ever. Only having known it for a day or so after it came out, I feel in love, but was still petrified to play it.

    More on how much i love this game soon.

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  • Faithless Angel

    So guys. A lot of you peeps have probably read Creepypasta and if you haven't you should, anyway I have been thinking that there should be a Five Nights At Freddy's Creepypasta. You can contribute in the comments and create a Creepypasta that I will then submit.

    P.S. No Trolls or Grifters or Griefers.

    P.P.S. My favourite Creepypastas are A Lack Of Empathy and NES Godzilla

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  • Freddyfazbeartheanimatronic666

    hey guys im glad i get to scare u i have already

    been talking with chica and bonnie now i need to find foxy and golden freddy

    any way

    see you on the flip side  (of a bear suit)

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  • GhostUnicorn

    Hallucination theory

    September 9, 2014 by GhostUnicorn

    Okay. I think this is the last part of my extremely long theory explanation blogs (Second oneand First one) . Obviously this one will deal with the golden freddy and the halucinations that everyone talks about possibly being the key and a few other things too.  Two theories here.

    Theory 1

    I know I say a lot that Mike is most likely one of the five missing children, but in reality he could be one of the parents of the children or one of those conspiracy people dying to search the place to expose the company. Obviously a bais plays a large part of the halicinations plus finding out that these robots are going to try and kill you puts a lot of stress on the character which could caused anxiety, hallucinations, etc.. Considering who we are deali…

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  • Press X To Shaun


    September 9, 2014 by Press X To Shaun

    Hey! Jurrassic ATV here. Now i just want to say THANK YOU to whoever put in the special mouse cursors. It's the next step to becoming a major wiki. There are some that are a little buggy, such as bonnie (regular cursor shows up before bonnie/sometimes it doesn't show up at all) but as time passes I'm sure this wiki will move to the top. Once again, THANK YOU, and I would like whoever made these to say so in the comments.

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  • MaintenanceRequired

    Back from hiatus

    September 8, 2014 by MaintenanceRequired

    As you read in the title, I'm back after being inactive over the last two or so weeks. So... anything I missed?

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  • Vernanonix

    So if you haven't noticed, I played around with the color scheme and made things darker. That said, I'm still not satisfied with it. Something doesn't site right about it and it's annoying me to no end. With that in mind, help me out here. Throw me ideas. Give me hex codes for the colors you choose. Maybe we can make something look nice and not just generic.

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  • Margaret~ Maine Coon


    September 7, 2014 by Margaret~ Maine Coon

    I'm really confused on this one. 

    If the animatronics need to shove any endoskelelton into an empty costume.... why is the one backstage always there when they are trying to get YOU instead?!

    Now, me BEING Chica, you're probably thinking: "She can answer that herself!!" 

    Except I'm wonder why BONNIE doesn't. I don't have access backstage. Only Bonnie does. But yeah. Any thoughts on why this endoskeleton is a rule breaker?

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  • Putticus

    420 Nights at Freddy's

    September 7, 2014 by Putticus

    I sort of thought FNaF needed more Snoop Dogg, so I made it happen

    I also fucked it up and uploaded fixed ver

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  • Hermann Fegelein The Antic Master

    Your probably wondering what this blog is about, well, it is about being trolled by the animatronics, if it was an epic troll (like Foxy taking your last percent of power) or a small one, feel free to write it below.

    Actually, this blog is bad, so just had a thought, if anyone can contact Scott, why not we ask him what his original plan for teh kitchen to look like.

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  • TheCatastrophe

    The current system needs a bit of improvement, not that it is already pretty good. What we have now is users making edits to pages without discussion. What we need now is some sort of discussion that users can do with others beforehand to make sure what htey are doing is somethign that is needed to be done, isntead of users editing pages all willy-nilly on their own. We need some sort of consultation so that users don't make frivolous edits and have to make the other editors work harder. It maight make editing a bit slower, but it will keep all the unnecessary edits to a minimum. What do you guys think? Would this be a better system than the current one? Who would be the ones the users would have to consult?

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  • The Mike Schmidt


    FAN MADE PLAYERMODELS, RAGDOLLS, AND A MAP HAVE BEEN RELEASED FOR GARRYS MOD (for the playermodels) (for the ragdolls) (for the fan-made map in beta) (For a much more polished map in beta)

    download and do whatever you want with em, they are fan-made and not a part of the real game.

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  • Julian Glen

    The animatronics aren't haunted, they are controlled remotely... by the Phone Guy!

    The Bite of '87? It might have been an accident, but the Phone Guy did it. He was getting used to the controls.

    The Missing Children? The first two he lures away with the Freddy animatronic, he hides the bodies inside suits. Then he frames a guy with doctored footage and gets him arrested. It turns out it wasn't just two missing but 5 and that guy is convicted.

    His nightly recordings are all staged, he wants to play with the emotions of his victim night watchmen.

    He disabled the camera for the kitchen because that is his base of operation during the night. From there he is able to monitor what you monitor and work towards capturing you by disabling your camera f…

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  • Bonnie Animatronic


    September 6, 2014 by Bonnie Animatronic

    I am the one and only Bonnie Anamatronic on this site. I know who Bonnie the Rabbit is and Im not his alt or anything. I saw Foxy, Chica, and Freddy Anamtronic, and I made one of those accounts. I'm not Bonnie the Rabbit, and Bonnie The Rabbit isn't me.

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  • Bonnie Animatronic

    When you first look at the camera for Show Stage, Chica looks different. She has her beak closed and it looks like she has no eyes. Anybody else notice this?

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  • Michael "Mike" Schmidt

    here is but let´s see if is a fake photo so please comment if you see something wrong. 

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  • Trevers17

    Animatronic Genders

    September 6, 2014 by Trevers17

    Okay, this appears to be some kind of problem we have here. People don't seem to know the genders of each animatronic and attempt to change some of them to the opposite gender or a neutral gender. I have posted, on numerous occasions, on various pages across the wiki, that each animatronic has a specific gender that they are indentified by on this wiki. They are not to be changed under any circumstance, and yet people continue to do so. So, this blog post is going to clarify a few things.

    First of all, it's a violation of Editing Guidelines to change the genders of the animatronics. I understand that not everyone has/will read them, but it's still a violation. Because of how big of a problem this is, I'm now going to place a 24 hour ban on …

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  • Zimkiller1


    September 5, 2014 by Zimkiller1

    I am just a guy who wishes to play the game but can't, mostly because of the jump scares. The one thing that makes the game interesting for me are the mysteries, which brings up some questions.

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  • Dr. Ruler

    I have nothing better to do.

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  • SirLuminex

    Some speculations

    September 5, 2014 by SirLuminex

    So these are some of my theories and speculations, I haven't read around fully so some of these may have already been raised, if so, ignore those ones. 

    First, some debunking!

    Chica's inner teeth: Quite clearly the endoskeleton's teeth, not the Phone Guy's, didn't he say that the teeth would pop out the front? Oh yes.

    The handprints on Freddy's face are from the Phone guy: Golden Freddy has the same handprints... the EXACT. SAME. ONES. Which leads to a lot of speculations I have. As to the theory I cannot really disprove it, but I can say that this could mean that the handprints are not from Phone Guy.

    Now my theories and speculations

    I honestly think Golden Freddy is not an official part of the universe of Five Night's at Freddy's, and that he…

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  • Hunterdahege12


    That's all to say for now. Also, Chica, you might want to clean that bib-o-yours. It's dirty.

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  • RobotElectroJones

    Mike is actually really short IRL, so he takes the long shift at Freddy's to compensate for it. Also, since he's short, he needs to use a broom to press the buttons to check the lights and close the doors, and when you don't close a door fast enough and the buttons stop working, what happens isn't that the animatronics are "already in the room", they've just grabbed the broom from you so you're helpless against them.

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  • GhostUnicorn

    Hey Everyone! Just as the title says, we are going to take on the task of narrowing down the location and possible theories. We will do this by looking at minimum wage, technology, and programming!


     Now the obvious location always stated is Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, but where would Freddy's be if it existed? Well we can narrow this down with a look at the minimum wage and the first Chuck E. Cheese. 

    At the begining of the game it shows a newspaper with a job ad circled. The ad states that the job pays $120/week and Mike is only going to be working 6 hours a day for five days each week. 6 hours for 

    five days is a thirty hour week. 120 divided by thirty is $4.00/hour. Fantastic! We know how much he gets paid per hour! Looking at U.S. rec…

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  • F1315NJ

    So just recently, they updated the FNAF game on the Google app. The only thing they added was a Shop page, where you can guy plushies of Freddy, Bonnie, or Chica to put on your work desk, only $.99 each. Very weird...

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  • The Mike Schmidt

    Mike here

    September 3, 2014 by The Mike Schmidt

    i have no idea where all this stuff is coming from...

    im surprised people know i exist.


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  • Mr.pato77

    The Terminator Theory

    September 3, 2014 by Mr.pato77


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