• Vernanonix

    Just thought I would share this with you guys. :D

    There's a difference of about 16 hours in the two pics.

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  • Warc9

    So I started a petition.

    August 30, 2014 by Warc9

    Hello. You may not know me yet and thats ok. 

    So I started a petition to get this game on the Wii U.  It would get more people to play the game. So if you want to sign it heres the link.

    File:Images (1).jpgYou can also help me by telling me Scott Cawthon's email. If anyone knows it that is. 

    So if anyone wants to get this game on the Wii U just sign the petition. 

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  • Bonnie The Rabbit


    August 29, 2014 by Bonnie The Rabbit

    So I've seen that on the WOAH. blog post I got 0 comments. I'll give you guys all the time you need I will give you all 5 days and nights. So get up to commenting quickly!


    I'm not gonna do the outro. I'll give you a pointless video instead.

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  • Bonnie The Rabbit


    August 29, 2014 by Bonnie The Rabbit

    So I've been popular lately!

    If we can all keep this up I will be more popular than freddy!

    And that's saying something. :^/

    So... Chica isn't here. I am. Freddy isn't I am. Foxy isn't here I AM...

    So I bet we can all look up to me to get the latest news and freddy propaganda!

    See ya later lil' Animatronic buds! RAWR!

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  • Mrmegapig

    A suggestion: Add Golden Freddy to the poll in the main page.

    Or does he not count since he is possibly a hallucination?

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  • EggSoldier

    I talked about this with a friend on Skype and both of us noticed it. The animatronic endoskeletons in Freddy's look a lot like the "Skelecog" characters from an old yet fairly known online video game known as "Toontown Online." These characters were variants of the normal "Cog" antagonists of the game, only without their suits. These "Cogs" were robotic businessmen, that could easily be considered animatronics of some sort, that hated fun and attacked the fictional town in the game because of it.

    I'm bringing this up because it makes me wonder. Could these Skelecog characters have been a possible inspiration for the animatronic endoskeletons in Five Nights At Freddy's?

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  • LookatmeIgotaKey


    August 29, 2014 by LookatmeIgotaKey

    I actually noticed something about the endo skeletons.

    File:Maskless Freddy.png

    Look at these 2. They look vastly different from eachother, right? Well, both of these are the endoskeletons for Freddy, but they're different from eachother.

    Let's take out Bonnie's endoskeleton.  Well, it looks more like the one above him.

    What do you guys think about these weird endoskeletons?

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  • DurpyMcDurp

    Just an area i thought people would like to share what happened on their first night playing ^-^

    On my first night i accidently spawned golden freddy without meaning to which was followed by the changing of pants...

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  • GJ Fredbear

    Request for adminship.

    August 28, 2014 by GJ Fredbear

    Hi, people. I decided to become one of the admins in this wiki since I edited more than 50 edits.

    • I'm very helpful.
    • I'm good at dealing vandals and trolls.
    • I correct every spelling/grammar errors.
    • I've been an admin on several wikis.

    + = Agreed.

    - = Disagreed.

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  • Dr. Ruler

    Yes, I know. All the game files have already been 'leaked' and found out about already. I get it. But please, how do I open the files FOR MYSELF? I just wish to know. If you can let me know, that will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Whoisghost

    Congratulations to everyone who has helped with this new wiki! I have to say that all of the people who have uploaded and made the new pictures did a great job! I also noticed that Vern officially removed the missing pictures link from the characters. This means a great success to everyone who has helped add and protected the image collection to where we have the brighter versions for clarity and certain versions for comparisons like the one shows how ridiculously big Chika is that will give me nightmares for a while. -shivers- With that said, all of you must keep up the good work, and I hope to see how factual this wiki can get without issues! Good luck!

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  • Atlas Wikia


    August 28, 2014 by Atlas Wikia

    Who do you think is the scariest animatronic?





    Golden Freddy

    Sparky (Fanmade)

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  • Bioniclepluslotr

    I've noticed a lot of speculations posted on all the pages. I think on the Theories and Rumors page, people should be able to post their theories, and then people can vote if it's true or not, and if the majority agrees, then it gets posted to the page. This can prevent a bunch of clutter of speculation on individual pages. I've seen things like "Freddy does so-and-so. But this is confirmed false." and stuff like that. Bioniclepluslotr 13:01, August 28, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Vernanonix

    So I heard we had some bad vandals come through. Awesome job keeping them at bay, everyone. You guys are all awesome. :D

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  • RobotElectroJones

    Alright, so it's generally accepted around here for various reasons that the animatronics we face in the game are possesed by the souls of vengeful children murdered by a psychopath who stuffed them into suits. Now, you guys know the laugh Freddy makes when he's out and about, right? It's a heavily edited version of a little girl giggling, you can hear the non-edited version here:

    Now, I didn't put too much thought into this until I just got done watching this video of PewDiePie playing the game, and he and I both noticed that Freddy was hiding in the girls' bathroom.

    At 8:16, one can see Freddy's eyes staring at the camera from w…

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  • TotallyNotBonnie

    Not much of a meaningful theory, but I might be the first one to notice this.

    Sometimes while looking at the cameras, you can see either Freddy, or usually Bonnie, with white dots for eyes (Sort of like their eyes are "off"). If you look in the background of the security office, you can see the drawings kids made. On the one with Bonnie popping out of a present, and Freddy giving a kid a present, you can see that they don't have their usual eyes, but the white dots instead.

    Does this mean that they also confront the children during the day without their "eyes"? Honestly, I wouldn't do that if I ran a place similar, wouldn't you think it would be creepy to go to a Chuck E Cheese or something and see that the animatronics have no eyes on, but …

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  • Mr Blue Stache

    The Fanon Wiki

    August 28, 2014 by Mr Blue Stache

    Hi I'm Mr Blue Stache

    I recently created the Fanon Wiki for Five Nights at Freddy's and would really appreciate help of any kind. I know there is alot of talent out there and I hope you at the very least you stop by. I'm not really the best coder so a coder would really be appreciated. It may not be much now but with some help I know it will go somewhere.

    If you are interested please write below. Thank you.

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  • Bonnie The Rabbit

    Hio future animatronic slav- I mean LOVELY PEOPLE.

    I'm bonnie the rabbit an animatronic here at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria!

    I hope you can keep up to smarts having little shows at my life here with my buddies!

    I'll be blogging all Bonnie things! So I hope you will enjoy this amazing blog here on Five Nights At Freddy's wiki!

    Peace off lil animatronic buds! G'bye RAWR!

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  • DargonKing101

    Suddenly, MOVEMENT!!

    August 26, 2014 by DargonKing101

    So, this new wiki seems to have most of the previous FNaF users moved here. Can someone explain that to me? I don't mind it, but it seems weird that a change has been made. I still put some effort into that wiki, but this one I might need to start all up again. Anyway, enjoy your last days of summer break (if your still on it, because I am!)

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  • Vernanonix

    One thing I really wanted to do on the old wiki was make a theories and rumors page. While theories and rumors can be found all through the wiki, it'd be nice to have them all in one place.

    For each theory, evidence for the theory must be provided. Evidence against can also be included, should it exist. For rumors, a general description of the rumor will be there. Rumors will most likely have been debunked.

    So, I need people to list off things they think should be on the page. For theories, I have Phone Guy in Chica's/Golden Freddy's suit, the childen stuffed in the suits, and Golden Freddy being a hallucination. For rumors, there's custom 1987, 0666 custom, Sparky, and the torrented death rumors.

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  • Vernanonix


    August 26, 2014 by Vernanonix

    So, this wiki is almost comprehensive. I'm still going around and getting things kind of uniform and all pictures we have of locations and characters added to the appropriate pages. So if there's anything anyone wants to see added onto this wiki, post it here. :D

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  • Dan67


    August 25, 2014 by Dan67

    I want to apologize to MaintenanceRequired For my blog about me posting fowl language against a trouble making vandal by the name of DragonSlayer71. I felt a sense of helplessness since I didn't have administrative rights to deal with him civilly and as a result I lost my temper because my profession on the wikis is simply defending it from vandalism and I wasn't going to let him make me feel like a piece of trash.

    Some of you thought it is unnecessary for me to make that blog while others may think they shouldn't know about the incident in the first place, anybody who feels powerless against a troll will fight them to the bitter end as their destructive attentions against these wikis gives us a reason to remain human.

    To speak out, To educa…

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  • TheCatastrophe

    I find there are three kinds of anons. the first are the vandalizing anons, the ones who vandalize on purpose. The second are the unknowing anons, these are the ones who make pages in misguided hope of actually adding what they know about the game onto the wiki. I find these anona are not as bad as the vandal anons, because they seem more naive than the vandal anons and most likely just want to help. And then the third are the helper anons, the ones who actually contribute to the wiki and help if flourish. Helping anons are great, even if they are anon.

    And to those anons who helped us fight against the vandal anons in the previous wiki, we wholeheartedly thank you. Without your help, we would not have been able to last that long against th…

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  • Vernanonix

    I added a map to the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza page. It's aweomse. :D

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  • RTUchiha

    Something I noticed...

    August 25, 2014 by RTUchiha

    Whilst I was grabbing new images of Bonnie & Chica, I noticed something very peculiar they were rendered.

    So, I took to Photoshop, and "merged" both images of their Dining Hall appearances. This was the result. What do you guys think of it?

    EDIT: The reason for this picture was to show that Chica looks much bigger than Bonnie in the Dining Hall renders. I see this as an oversight by Scott when he was rendering the appearances.

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