• Fnaf4biteof83

    l o r e

    August 18, 2017 by Fnaf4biteof83
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  • Fnaf4biteof83

    I don

    August 18, 2017 by Fnaf4biteof83


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  • Goldeaglefire1

    So, the Ninety Percent. A series where I react to bad FNaF fanworks, type out my reactions as I watch/read the fanworks, and slowly lose my sanity whilst doing so.

    That's all well and good...but what about everyone else? Just because FNaF has one of the loudest and most irritating vocal minorities doesn't mean that other fandoms don't have them too. In fact, all fandoms have a vocal minority - it's just a matter of how loud and how large they are. And believe me, if you thought the stuff on the Ninety Percent was bad...well, let's just say it can get worse. Much. Much. Worse. As if I didn't lose enough faith in humanity already...

    I've only covered a small part on this level of internet hell. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Other Nine…

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  • DerpLord13

    fan fiction of why he's out of order (foxy)my fan-fic story for why foxy is out of order is he was walking around see, (this was before the bite of 1987) serving pizza and sodas and he malfunctioned, and fell, destroying most of those legs and those holes in his chest, giving him that apperence of a withered wreck. when the kids saw his ripped up apperence, they didn't like him anymore, hence having him decommisioned. i think this could be plausible, tell me if you agree or disagree.

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  • DerpLord12
    fan fiction of why he's out of order. 

    my fan-fic story for why foxy is out of order is he was walking around see, (this was before the bite of 1987) serving pizza and sodas and he malfunctioned, and fell, destroying most of those legs and those holes in his chest, giving him that apperence of a withered wreck. when the kids saw his ripped up apperence, they didn't like him anymore, hence having him decommisioned. i think this could be plausible, tell me if you agree or disagree.

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  • DerpLord12

    fan fiction of why he's out of fan-fic story for why foxy is out of order is he was walking around see, (this was before the bite of 1987) serving pizza and sodas and he malfunctioned, and fell, destroying most of those legs and those holes in his chest, giving him that apperence of a withered wreck. when the kids saw his ripped up apperence, they didn't like him anymore, hence having him decommisioned. i think this could be plausible, tell me if you agree or disagree.

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  • Tricakay27

    Who is the most powerful Animatronic in the series?

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    It's my Birthday!

    August 13, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    And I got everything on my list! Including the Nintendo Switch!

    (*insert hallelujah music here*)

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  • Flameygamer

    This theory describes a path that the other animatronics took. Take a look at this picture of baby from the FNAF World Wiki .

    Now take a look at this purple guy image  Coincidence? Baby MAY have had control of Ennard at some point, but then the consciouss of the little girl as Ennard took over and decided she didn't need baby anymore. I dunno, let me hear what you guys have to say

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  • Darlaimernr


    August 12, 2017 by Darlaimernr

    what's your guys's opinion on FNAF 6 being cancelled?

    Personally, I'm glad, because we do NOT need any more FNAF games

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  • TheNerdyGamer

    Fnaf book wikia?

    August 10, 2017 by TheNerdyGamer

    I was thinking,there should be a wikia for the FNaF books.




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  • Ezorde

    A short while ago, Merebry made a blog about a video I made a long time ago, Hunger games - Wikia edition.

    In this video, I chose a lot of users from the wikia, along with some FNAF characters, and made them fought each other to death through the Hunger games simulator website.

    A year ago, I made a second video since the first one was well received. And since Merebry just made a blog about it, I figured out now was the time to make the third, so there it is !

    This video is a bit different from the two others, I think you'll quickly understand why. I'm still a noob at Sony Vegas but my editing skills went up, so if you liked the two first videos, you should like this one as well.

    I spent an hour saving t…

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  • FaZeSans

    It has to be nothing on there. no secrets. just static. seriously, its the boring teaser :|

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  • FuntimeFiona

    Scott---Darn ye

    August 9, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    Shortly after my post about Aunt Jen and co.,I played a couple of nights on FNaF 3,and ummm. Who has noticed the absurdity of typing a code into a WALL?So I've sadly come to the solution of that FNaF 3...was a dream. Now don't hit the comment section to yell at me and judge me--for ages I've tried to tell myself and others that only FNaF 4 was a dream,but only a child would dream about a dead guy in a rabbit suit and dream about the animatronics he/she loved gone haywire *cough*Chica in FNaF 3 looked like a burned pumpkin head with a face*cough*.

    But who would dream that?

    Well,someone who has experienced the night-shift at Freddy's?Mike and Jeremy and Fritz. Mike--yeah I dunno about him. I don't think he'd work again at Freddy's after FNaF 1…

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  • FuntimeFiona

    I have a theory

    August 9, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    So everyone was totally amazed at The Silver Eyes. And to be fair,I was like '.............SCOTT WHY?I WAS JUST FIGURING OUT SISTER LOCATION!MEEEEH!'. And now that I have to read The Twisted Ones as well as the Freddy Files!Oh yipedeedee!

    But a certain quote from Charlie's Aunt Jen in Silver Eyes got me thinking.

    In Chapter Two,Chalie recalls her aunt saying some 'Just-be-careful' blarb and her saying 'Some memories are best left undisterbed'.

    Remeber the box?And it's quote:Some memories are best left forgotten. Hmm?HMMMM?HMMMMMMMMM?

    All I'm saying,and it's kinda crazy,is that Aunt Jen and the box may or may not be linked. Comment what you think--and comment who of Charlie's friends you like best?--John,Jessica,Lamar,Marla and Carlton.

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  • Fnaf4biteof83

    okay, so now there's an actual tutorial screen so you don't have to read the README on github

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  • Mouseketools

    WTH fnaf 6?

    August 9, 2017 by Mouseketools

    wen i looked at this new fnaf behind the scene i noticed something WHAT THE HELL IS THAT IN THE BACKROUND

    I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT IT LIKES A BIRD ANIMATRONIC wen you look at it in the bottem right corner view it looks like the animatronics from fnaf SL becase its white and has endo stuff in it but has part of the head around it

    did scott hid that weird head in this picture or am i a ediot and doint relise its something else becase no animatronic head is on that shelf so its probobly wasent visible in game or either it was scraped but i dont know i want to know what you think?

    this picture

    probobly wasent taken before fnaf came out if scott had to add that thing in could this be a hint fnaf 6 is coming i dont know but its probobly a funtime …

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  • TheBearNamedFred 

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  • Fnaf4biteof83

    so i made a fnaf fangame

    i know it looks like shit, i'll have an update out soon that makes it a bit less like shit

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  • FuntimeFiona


    August 8, 2017 by FuntimeFiona

    Whilst playing SL custom night,I was messing around,looking for hidden lore *cough*Scott'sOldPlans*cough*,I found a file jidden in the code. It says,I kid ye not:




    sprngbnnie=Spring-Bonnie (*rolls eyes*really Scott?Hinting back to Dave in Silver eyes and Twisted Ones are we?)

    Yeah,I get he's gunna plop a few old familiar names in his files--if this was FNaF4,I'd understand,but Sister Location?Comment what you think.

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  • FuntimeFiona

    Whilst watching videos of wanna-be theorists,I found something big--I sped up Mangle's static.

    And,oh,I found something big!!!!!

    Mangle is saying something that,for me,dropped the freaking bomb!She is saying:

    "Afton...Fredbear...26 years...Location X...The Man Who Jerked Wildly...Spring-Failure...No Funeral...Night-shift".

    Afton--duh!That's so William!Or Michael.

    Fredbear--yeah,you know who that is.

    26 Years. OK,I'm lost there.

    Location X--????????

    The Man Who Jerked Wildly--OK that sounds a wee bit like Springtrap *cough*Dave*cough*Silver Eyes.

    Spring-Faliure--a thing there have been too many of over Ol' Freddy's years.

    No Funeral--Lost again(Though William had no family come ned of his life left so maybe he had no funeral???)

    Night-shift--THE GOD D…

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  • Cyborg Boy

    I tried to press the buttons but nothing happened.

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  • HTFMime

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    Here's a Thing

    August 4, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    Can you look at it please

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  • Mikeykitty123

    Hello! I just now finally completed my Five Nights at Freddy's fanfic, Henry's Dark Secret. It took a while, but I finally did it. I will post the link below and I hope you all enjoy!

    Five Nights at Freddy's: Henry's Dark Secret Chapter 1, a five nights at freddy´s fanfic | FanFiction

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  • Mikeykitty123

    I just recently published a brand new chapter to my Five Nights at Freddy's Fanfic, "Henry's Dark Secret". The story is still under developement. The story itself is a prequel to Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. The story revolves around Michael Afton, as he soon finds out that William Afton, his father, has been secretly making animaronics to kill children. Michael would then finds out about Henry, William Afton's business partner, and the truth behind Henry's suicide.

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  • Gemmygod

    Hey guys! I'm an animatronic toy collector. I have a huge collection of animated figures made by a company called "Gemmy Industries", but today, I have some very phenominal news that may surprise all you toy collectors, AND Five Nights at Freddy's fans out there! Morbid Enterprises has made a life size animated Freddy Fazbear! No joke! It's 3 feet tall, and it gives the realistc apperance of Freddy Fazbear himself, complete with the bow tie, top hat, and of course, the microphone! He turns his head back and forth, and moves his mouth. His eyes even light up! He plays Golden Freddy's scream from the first game, and it plays music from the sister location teaser trailer! He's gonna be sold at local party/Halloween stores this year, so I high…

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  • HTFMime

    Jokes blog

    August 2, 2017 by HTFMime

    Ya'll better serve up some decent jokes

    Here's one to start you off

    What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

    "Make me one with everything"

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  • Constable Huxley the Horse


    August 1, 2017 by Constable Huxley the Horse

    hhhhhenlo, I haven't posted here in like uhhhhhhhhhhhh since like February 6th of this year and haven't check the site a lot. Just wanted to let all of you that are still here know that I am alive and doing alright. I will actually be heading off to my first year of college in 17 days and I'm going to major in music- I am centered on Jazz Studies right now but that is subject to change. I'd love to hear how you guys are doing and what you've been up to and if you have any questions for me go right ahead and ask!! Sorry I don't check in often anymore, hope you are all doing well, guys!!!!

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  • CrystalGem21

    Just Wondering

    August 1, 2017 by CrystalGem21

    Hi, I'm new here but not to the game/story/fandom/related lore. I'm just curious. has anyone pointed out that Henry Schmidt, the Co-Owner of Fazbear Co. is not seen in the game and refrenced as deceased in the books because of Purple Guy(William Afton)?

    Hear me out. In Fnaf world we see Henry kill himself because he feels guilty about creating Baby and in SL, in Baby's minigame we see Baby kill purple guys daughter with the ice cream trap. Baby killing William's(his friend and parner's) daughter probably filled him with guilt to the point of suicide, even though it wasn't his fault.

    The death of William's daughter probably drove William even more to the point of Murdering other children to try and save or "Fix" his daughter. Of course this d…

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  • FaZeSans


    July 31, 2017 by FaZeSans

    IM BACK FROM MY INACTIVE BREAK! You remember my Going Inactive post? Im now back!

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  • MichaelJackson1065isheretohelp!!!

    Night one phone call:

    Er...hello? 'Ello? Oh hey...umm...Welcome to your first night on the job...umm...I know that you may not believe this...but, the animatronics...umm...they sorta have a free roam...they had some type of malfunction...same thing happened at Fazbear''s a shame that the place closed down...used to be a huge hit for kids...they closed it because they believed it was "cursed", they did some thinking....but when the other thing happened...the incident at Fredbears they had no choice. You remember Fredbear,  right? Never mind. you may have noticed there are buttons called..."Doors" and "Lights"...heh. umm...those things keep the animatronics out of your room...let me finish. The animatronics, if they ever …

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  • NozomiTojoStar


    July 31, 2017 by NozomiTojoStar

    Hello! I'm Nozomi and I'm JUST happy to see you guys back! If you will like to ask me question about anything, I'll gladly do! If it's about Love Live! School Idol Project, please go to the Wiki instead because its much easier for me to handle questions!

    So, about this. Why did I say "Welcome!"? Well, welcome to see me! I'm so glad you found me! I LOVE to do theories I solve them using the game, the Wiki here, and what I know! If you disagree on me, thats okay! We can handle it easy! Please do not fight with me cause I get ANGRY easily! Just kidding, Nozomi as me be calm :). We can fix that easily! If you agree on me, great! Nozomi will be SO happy! 

    The reason I LOVE doing theories is to show what I think it is, and questions! Sometimes I b…

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  • HTFMime

    Do I know what it's like to be depressed?

    Yes, unfortunately, I do. I know exactly how to describe it too. It's different from being sad, because you're only sad until the moment passes.

    When you are depressed, it is like you are being crushed under the weight of your own emotions. Depression is a powerful, overhanging sense of dread that follows you everywhere you go. During my own experience, it felt like I was drowning in a sea of self doubt and self loathing, and no matter how hard I tried to stay afloat, I simply wasn't strong enough to keep my head above water.

    To tell you the truth, I'm still not completely over my problems. If I think about my own life, I feel like I have a lot of things to be depressed about. But right now, I'm not.…

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  • Theory of Freddy

    Holy Fuck

    July 30, 2017 by Theory of Freddy

    How long has it been? A year and a half? Well, hi you socially depraved hamster balls. What did I miss and where is everyone?

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  • Azboy2004


    July 28, 2017 by Azboy2004

    why can I not have 10000 edits I wanna leave this place with 5 digits help me

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  • LochNessOtter499


    July 27, 2017 by LochNessOtter499

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    So, the old guide to using pics via Imgur has kinda been outdated for a while, due to several changes to Imgur and how it works.

    Solution: I made my own.

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  • Freddyfan223

    im done...everyone I see in comments is haters, bully's, Trolls, etc. and you know what? tell me how to delete it because I can't handle this anymore. Thank you.

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  • YanDere-Yan

    You Freaking Troll. 

    (Jk,Let The Big Blue Marshmallow Take A Break)     ...Wait,So Is He Like 46 Or 47 Rn?? Lol Dunno


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  • LeTesla


    July 26, 2017 by LeTesla

    What the shit happened here? Almost all of the admins are inactive? Did we all just give up? Did we just forget about this Wiki?

    And most of all, why isn't Lewis, the only active user here that still cares, not admin or content mod? Why Rollback?

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  • Freddyfan223

    Teaser 1:

    Teaser 2:

    Teaser 3:

    Teaser 04:

    Warning: I just include the teasers that are good, maybe in gamejolt there are bad teasers, but is it gonna change soon.

    if you want to see my game on gamejolt, here it is if you are really interested about it:

    Yes, you can give me ideas for the game, but a warning, do not even try to say "Cringe" or "Bad" etc. if you want to say it say in a good way, but not in bad way and also do not say cringe ever in good way or bad way.

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  • TheLegend19876

    MatPat's theory

    July 25, 2017 by TheLegend19876

    So MatPat came out with an another theory

    I am let's say disappointed

    He has gotten a few things wrong....

    A few MINOR things...

    EDIT 2: Maybe I was a little too hard on MatPat because his last FNAF theories which gave me an sour taste on my mouth

    While TTO and the FNAF games are separate canons, the disk part of the theory is actually correct, it was explained what these things can do, and I am ashamed of just denying that this theory was correct

    MatPat might not be the most reliable FNAF theorist, but he gotten this one right at least

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  • Freddyfan223

    Name: Unknown 1, this means the name it doesn't know, can we say its forgotten? ;)

    Date he was build: 1960, don't you see a connection with something story? 5 years...?

    Friends:Golden Freddy, and...GOLDEN CHICA. still connection?

    Enemys: Fredbear, Springbonnie and Nightmare

    Target: Destroy the humans for what they have done to him...

    Power= 70%

    Resistance to death= 100%

    Speed= 90%

    Get mad if: You talk him about Golden Freddy, he thinks he is death ;) 

    Words he says everytime he kills: ITS US.

    Like the idea? or did it need a change?

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  • Freddyfan223

    After the incident of 2028, more 5 years later passed, and its 3033 now... Frank schmidt, found a newspaper saying the following things:

    IS HERE! Freddy Fazbear Pizza is back!

    'After the incident in Fazbear Fright, freddy fazbear pizza is back! 'but the workers, are trying to fix all the animatronics in the pizzeria! and also they found a rare animatronic and they name it "Golden Chica"

    The workers are searching for a guard to watch them.

    Call: 1xx 6xx 9xx if you want to be part of freddy fazbear pizza!

    Frank schmidt: Lets do this...

    Meanwhile in parts and service...

    Chica: Where are we?


    Chica: I am gonna see who is behind this...

    after one long search.

    Chica: Wait...who are you?

    Golden Chica: MY NAME IS THE O…

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  • Freddyfan223

    Warning: This is a Fan Game, this means this is not cannon to the story of "FNAF"

    Cop01: lets check out whats going on on this place called Fazbear Fright that has been burned.

    Cop02: Hey, I found something!

    Cop01: What is it? please don't tell me is a false alarm again...

    Cop02: No! its a part of animatronic! I don't if it was...Freddy?

    Cop01: Hmm...interesting, lets take that to Police station.

    Meanwhile... old enemy...we meet at 1970...what year is now?

    Springtrap: it is 2028 now...

    Springshadowchica: so I was dead since was a pretty much savage death and now it looks like you're gonna die...

    Springtrap: Well, YES! BUT NOT IF YOU DIE FIRST...

    Springshadowchica: *Laughs*

    *Springshadowchica Immobilize Spring…

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  • YanDere-Yan

    Just Found It Out Randomly,I Mean It Was Posted In A FNAF Group So...

    Also,First Blog Wtf.

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  • GalaxyWolf1024
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  • MichaelJackson1065isheretohelp!!!

    My OC: Sky Rider

    Eye color: Yellow/ Green

    Hair color: Black

    Favorite color: Black

    Special Powers: can teleport to enemies, only weakness is losing the one he loves

    Looks like:

    Favorite Food: Nothing...hardly eats anyway

    Least favorite food: Chocolate

    Least favorite colors: Bright Ones

    Favorite singer: Melanie Martinez or Michael Jackson

    Favorite song: Cake or Thriller

    Least favorite songs: anything happy

    Traits: Rebelic, greedy, careless, tacky, and gets pissed WAY TO EASILY

    Favorite movie: Jim Henson's Labyrinth

    Least favorite movies: Happy Ones

    Hates: food, haters, people who are scared way too much, funny stuff, happy things, Justin…

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  • Fredbear Is (Not) Alive!

    BB isn't a maggot in my eyes. Hes actually one of the best animatronics. For one reason, he doesn't kill you[[File:BB_Icon.png|thumb|SENPAI :D

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