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  • Yossipossi

    Just wanted to say that.

    Same thing for TDU's original account.

    Okay bye lol.

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  • LeTesla


    my wallet content is on the table

    on second thought this was stupid to do but we all do stupid shit in our lives right

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  • Darlaimernr

    wait what

    March 22, 2017 by Darlaimernr

    why is the "mike" sticker already there when sister location starts



    shit this is why i make batshit theories like the "michael = springtrap and william = player" theories

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  • Fnaf4biteof83

    I cannot believe how long I've been gone for. Long enough for me to be classified as "INACTIVE", I guess...

    News #1: After rolling it over and over in my head, I have finally solved the mystery of why both disrespectful FNaF fans and disrespectful FNaF haters seem so much bigger than they actually are: Respectful FNaF fans and haters don't make their presence known. I don't purposefully click a video titled FNAF IS THE WORST, not even watch it, and write a comment along the lines of:

    go die you friggin gay faggot FNAF IS BEST GAME!!!!11!!1one!!!!

    ...but the cringier side takes great pleasure in justifying their existence like this.

    News #2: I went back to an old thread about the '83 vs '87 debate and reread my arguments. And God, did I cringe. He…

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  • Darlaimernr


    March 21, 2017 by Darlaimernr

    what will fnaf 34 be about

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  • Cheesegrater74

    Whelp I Tried

    March 19, 2017 by Cheesegrater74

    Changed ma mind. I'm gonna keep chilling here :P

    It is kinda sad that I can only last a week . _.

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    So, fandoms. They're fine, really. You can make some friends, go to conventions, and discuss one of your favorite games/books/whatever with other people, just by associating with a certain group on the internet.

    ...But then there's the part of fandoms that no one likes to talk about: the vocal minority. These people are the worst part of any fandom - the overprotective fans, the egotistical fans, and fans that I'm sure we're all familiar with...the bad content creators. Sure, there's probably some good to be salvaged from what they create...somewhere, but the bad is so prominent, that your first reaction is to lose faith in humanity. And even if you manage to make some constructive criticism, a good amount of them won't listen.

    Now, consider…

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  • Darlaimernr

    i don't understand the wikia is as alive as ever

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  • Darth Disco

    Me vs 4/20

    March 18, 2017 by Darth Disco
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  • EtherBot

    FNaF Fatigue

    March 18, 2017 by EtherBot


    There's all these posts and shit about how the fnaf wiki is dead and it jsut dont got taht SPARK anymore like et used to!

    Listen guys FNaF was a crazy sugar high that lasted two straight years and all of a sudden the high is running low and people are bailing on the wiki and everyone's freaking out like talk your horses and calm your chillpills and hold yourselves already geez. We don't need Scott to make another game so that we can reach another high....just let it go gently and then eventually as time passes and everybody moves on we'll organically come back and invest some nostalgic time into the wiki again. 

    That's how fandoms work, this isn't the end times and there's nothing particularly special about our fandom versus others o…

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  • Darlaimernr

    Theorism Update

    March 18, 2017 by Darlaimernr

    Hey, guys!

    As anyone reading this knows, I'm the one who is responsible for three VERY contradictant, but well-found theories. I'm here to describe what the future holds for any theories I may or may not be making. I've actually been making plenty, privately, with a friend named Chris. You can check his Discord/Skype out if you want. (CHRISSYJH03)

    I'm trying to get votes and opinions on what I should do about these theories. So, if you have an opinion, shout at me.

    - darlaimerner Read more >
  • Ambie-chan-san


    March 16, 2017 by Ambie-chan-san

    So, I was looking at Nightmarionne's page and there's nothing about how, if you brighten the kill screen, his eyes look different, like in this picture below. I know many people are gonna be like "Oh, he's non-canon, don't worry about it.", but still, we shouldn't leave information out.

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  • Reaper mangle

    So guys I looked on DA for fnaf art but.....on it some people still think bonnie is a girl or one of the fnaf characters are gay! People on DA sometimes are really awkward

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  • DB511611
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  • Serafettin3

    since i like funny pictures of fnaf! make fnaf pictures funny and less scary! :3

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  • Reaper mangle

    Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw shadowbonnie!!!!! Ok so i was just playing night:5 at my first try and at like 1 or 2am! I gasp like a nuts!!!!!!!

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  • Fanandtheoristofallthings

    Ok. I have heard many theories and I want to try make it clear. In sister location, you are purple guy or Micheal afton. In the real ending Ennard uses Purple guy's skin to do something. The victim of the bite of 83 was a girl killed by baby. Purple guy's son was the bite of 87's victim, killed by Fredbear. The child was then put into hospital and fnaf 4 was dreams. Purple guy then killed the children who put the victim in to Fredbears mouth. The souls of the children then inhabited Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy and Golden freddy. The bodies were stuffed in to the animatronics. Freddy and the rest see the night guard badge and attack, trying to get revenge as Purple guy was a night guard. Then Purple guy destroys the origanal animatronics. W…

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  • Cheesegrater74

    A Fond Farewell

    March 11, 2017 by Cheesegrater74

    It is time for me to leave everyone.

    I just dont feel like I belong here anymore, and I was honestly having less fun than I was having dissapointment.

    The main reason I am leaving is due to a debate going on in a thread regarding antoine. I previously made comments about trolling Antoine, and told Ironboy that I planned on trolling Antoine on his wiki. While there, I had a change of heart and realized the hardships we were outting sntoine through. Instead of trolling, I tried helping them, apologizing for my actions in the past and offering my support. I eventually made a thread suggesting that we all leave Antoine alone. Due to drama that was occuring in the thread, I eventually closed it. This is when Iron and Jillips return into the pictu…

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  • Reaper mangle

    it was sparky wow...

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  • Sug3rZ5

    Finally, puny humans, goomites, and shape-changing time lords, I'm back from inactivity!

    The FTL is now operational.

    I'm not sure what sort of thing we're supposed to be waiting for.  Apparently it's supposed to be some sort of super-laser. Until we get to the Milky Way system, we can't do anything to help the invasion.

    I tried to take up juggling, but apparently I'm not very adept becuase I keep dropping the balls on the floor.

    Yes, I know you're going to make jokes about balls.

    Whatever. Leonardzok sigining off.

    -Your friendly neighborhood Space Invader, Leonardzok

    Do you have questions, comments, invasion ideas, flattery about Florptronians? Post them here or call 555-GARTHALAKA (71182081121111)

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  • LochNessOtter499

    He Always Does

    March 6, 2017 by LochNessOtter499

    It was dark. Dark and cold. That was all he knew about his surroundings.

    Darkness was all he could see for miles upon miles. It had become his world, his home. It sheltered him. He had grown used to the deafening sound of silence, the dark abyss, while his thoughts raced frantically in his head. 

    He didn't understand. What had he done to deserve this fate, this curse? He'd only done what had been asked of him. He'd made mistakes, of course, but then, so did everyone. And he had tried to make right, hadn't he? So what had he done so wrong? 

    These questions drove him insane. He spent who knows how long pondering over them, trying desperately to find an answer, but there was none. 

    He just wanted to help them. Broaden their minds. Was that so bad…

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  • ColeWay

    Nightmare Foxy

    March 5, 2017 by ColeWay

    So the Nightmare Foxy is a boss 

    Nightmare * trying to say nice things* But he is ok i mean i like all of the games 

    Nighmare Foxy: So mate i just want to say go BVB and MCR 

    Me: Hell Yas ColeWay (talk) 01:13, March 5, 2017 (UTC)Cole Way 

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  • Sowhat2008

    (In 1985)

    Unwithered Chica:Bonnie

    Unwithered Bonnie:Yes?

    Unwithered Chica:I Feel Bad For Fredbear And Springbonnie Because They Will Be Destroyed Later :(

    Unwithered Bonnie:Yeah I Know

    (In Nighttime)

    Unwithered Foxy:We Had Fun Didn't We Freddy And Bonnie?

    Unwithered Freddy:We Did!

    Unwithered Bonnie:Me Two!

    (Unwithered Foxy,Unwithered Bonnie,Unwithered Chica And Unwithered Freddy Sleeps)

    Springbonnie:Wait A Minute,Whats That Noise?

    Fredbear:Well,It Is Not My Nose XD

    (Unwithered Purple Freddy Appears)

    Springbonnie:Who Are You?

    Unwithered Purple Freddy:I Am Shadow Freddy But For Now,Just Call Me The God Of Purple Freddy

    Fredbear:Hello The God Of Purple Freddy

    Unwithered Purple Freddy:Anyways,I Heard That In Nighttime,You Will Be Destroyed By A Bad Guy,Right? …

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  • Fredbearsbite1987
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  • Springy Boy

    holy shit

    March 1, 2017 by Springy Boy

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  • BonnieFnafWorldGamer

    I rarely post here, but I always use this wiki to fill me up on information when I'm not able to replay the games myself. And I couldn't help but notice that Eggs Benedict wasn't changed to Michael Afton.

    I mean the Custom Night pretty much confirms that we play as Michael in SL, and the page doesn't seem to talk about that at all.

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  • Thuyenthegreat



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  • Reaper mangle

    A great theory!!!

    February 26, 2017 by Reaper mangle

    Hey guys I have the best theory that you play as the owner Henry in sister location. Here's why

    Ok so you may think no you play as purple guy(William) but....... If you finish golden Freddy on v.hard it gives you a cutseen saying "Father it's me Michael" and I noticed that Michael is the son of the owner Henry cause if you read the book I mean the first one it tells a little about Charlie's brother Michael!!! ~r.mangle

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  • GrandTheftAutoFanatic

    I dreamed that Frank from Filthy Frank was in PAYDAY 2 as a playable heister and he came with a heist that involved confronting Chin Chin which for some reason was contracted by the Continental.

    It was a bit odd.

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  • MaintenanceRequired

    I won't be staying for long, but I'm glad to see this wikia still going strong after three, coming four, years. Haven't seen you guys in a while, so I'm glad to just drop by and say hi.

    What's been going on with me?

    Well, for one, this is my final year before transitioning to university, so final examinations are underway for the remaining year. And just school work has been bombarding my free time, which is a good thing in some aspect.

    How's everyone else been?

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  • Thuyenthegreat


    >Be me.

    >Be making crappy webcomic.

    >Webcomic on hiatus for 5 months,

    >People mad,babies are crying,buildings collapsing.

    >TFW the damn computer i make the comic on is out of battery.

    >TFW the charger is broken.

    >TFW after 5 months,finally get a new charger.

    >Plug in charger.




    >Battery: 0%,replace now.

    >The battery is broken.


    >Computer on permanent life support.

    >If unplugged from the charger it turns off instantly.


    >make comic anyway.

    >Finishes after an excruciating hour.

    >"Holy fuck that took a long time."

    >Stretches arms before saving.





    >Unplugs charger b…

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  • BonBonSL

    Me: Just wanna get it out here that, I have calculated (from my FNaF timeline) that Fazbears Fright take place in the year of...... 2017! Be on the lookout for any creepy attractions that may burn down you guys! I know I will! Love chu all! Baaaaiii!!!!!

    Funtime Freddy: She is annoying. Don't listen to her.

    Me: STAHP FREDDYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! It's a Bo-

    Funtime Foxy: *interrupts me* A FOXY THEORY!!!!! 

    Me: *facepalms*

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  • Twofacetoo


    February 21, 2017 by Twofacetoo

    This guy has been deleting entire pages of content and replacing them all with a stupid message. The guy is abusing the wiki.

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  • Thuyenthegreat


    February 21, 2017 by Thuyenthegreat
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  • Toyfoxythemang

    Hello people

    February 21, 2017 by Toyfoxythemang

    Names mangle I'm kinda of a bitch ;-)  just dont get mean people 

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  • Manglethefox872

    I'm also.....

    February 21, 2017 by Manglethefox872

    Ok I'm really reaper mangle yep I've been under your noses all this time

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  • HTFMime

    Part 7 (for reals)

    February 20, 2017 by HTFMime

    Because it's been like a kajillion years since I wrote the last part, here's where we last left off.

    Yossipossi's plan was coming along swimmingly. Various users from the FNAF wiki had been captured, and the numbers only continued to increase. Most of the users evacuated to the FNAF roleplay wiki, but the alts had eventually found them too.

    One by one, users were being terrorised by Yossipossi

    Thanks narrator, I think I'll take it from here

    Hey what

    What are you doing, I wasn't fini-

    Oh yes you are =3

















    Right, now where were we? Ah, yes, the-




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  • Thuyenthegreat

    Say hello again to some familiar faces.

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  • Thuyenthegreat

    Finally! i am ready to start working again!







    should i finish more than 1 page THEN upload it?

    or upload it as i go?




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  • FoxyCyber

    FNaF SL Trailer Font? :L

    February 18, 2017 by FoxyCyber

    does anyone know the font in the sl trailer where it says stuff like "Fear, dread, panic, etc?"

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  • DB511611

    The FNaF wiki Maymay deck

    February 18, 2017 by DB511611

    I am making a FNaF wiki Maymay deck for CaH games in the future that have users from both here and FNaF RP

    there will be memes, there will be references, there will be fnaf, and there will be references to this wikis history

    please leave some good ideas in the comments for Black Cards or white cards

    put b - for black card and w - for white card

    Black cards are sentences or phrases that prompt a response, and can have up to 3 blanks in it, but 1 blank or 2 blanks are usually more common

    White cards are reponses that complete the black cards, make sure to capitalize your nouns!

    please help build this deck, so many great CaH games can be made in the future

    leave your ideas in the comments!

    DB out


    Update: Thank you to Pushing Guy…

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  • Cheesegrater74

    3k edits

    February 18, 2017 by Cheesegrater74


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  • TheZombeh

    I made a Discord Server for anyone to join, so yeh. Here's the invite, it never expires so don't rush your ass in there

    I also recently achieved 100 Watchers on DA so have a Pixel thingy

    And to the people who don't know who I am...

    my name jeff 🍿

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  • Sowhat2008

    Springbonnie:Hey Chica

    Unwithered Chica:Yeah?

    Springbonnie:You Are Beautiul!

    Unwithered Chica:Thank You :D

    Unwithered Bonnie:Chica Do You Love Me?

    Unwithered Chica:Yes I Do Love You :)

    (Marionette Appears)

    Marionette:Guys,Im Back...

    Unwithered Foxy:PUPPET,I Thought You Were Dead

    Marionette:Don't Worry,Im Still Alive...

    Marionette:Anyways,I Have Bad News...

    Unwithered Freddy:BAD NEWS?

    Marionette:Yes,The Bad News Are...

    Marionette:I Heard That Fredbear And Springbonnie Are Gonna Be Destroyed...



    Springbonnie:But What About The Other 4 Animatronics?

    Marionette:They Are Still Gonna Be Alive But Not You...

    Marionette:You And Fredbear Are Gonna Be Destroyed...

    Fredbear:Oh Jeez I Don't Want This To Happen!

    Springbonnie:Don't Worry,…

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  • Sowhat2008

    (In 1983)

    (4 New Animatonic Added)

    Springbonnie:Hey Fredbear,We Have New Friends!

    Fredbear:Wow,They Look Awesome!

    Unwithered Bonnie:Hello,My Name Is Bonnie

    Unwithered Freddy:Hello,My Name Is Freddy

    Unwithered Foxy:Hello,My Name Is Foxy

    Fredbear:Cool,But What About The Animatronic That Can Look After Us?

    Marionette:I Am The One..

    Unwithered Freddy:If Your The One,Why Didn't You Come Years Ago?

    Marionette:I Wasn't Here Yet When You Guys Or Girls Were Here...

    Unwithered Bonnie:Ok,But Why Is Chica Still Deactivated?

    Unwithered Chica:Sorry For Being Late And Of Course Hello,My Name Is Chica

    Unwithered Foxy:Thats Ok,Chica

    Marionette:Anyways,See You Later

    Link For (PART 3)…

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  • Sowhat2008

    (When Fredbears Family Diner Got Opened In 1980)

    Fredbear:Hello Springbonnie!

    Springbonnie:Hello Fredbear!

    Fredbear:I Like How Your A Girl :D

    Springbonie:Thanks And I Am A Girl :D

    (When Fredbear And Springbonnie Got Deactivated)

    Mask Bully #1 (Foxy):Oh,It Looks Like This Child Wants To Be In Fredbear's Mouth!

    Mask Bully #3 (Freddy):Are You Sure?

    Mask Bully #3 (Freddy):You Might Mak....

    Mask Bully #1 (Foxy):SILENTS!!!!

    Mask Bully #2 (Bonnie):Yeah,Freddy Be Quiet

    (Fredbear Wakes Up And Peforms Badly With Springbonnie)

    Mask Bully #4 (Chica):Foxy,I Think Its Time To Do It!

    (Mask Bully #1 (Foxy) Throws The Crying Kid At Fredbears Mouth And Dies)

    The Link For (PART 2) Is Here…

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  • Freddyfazbear1390


    February 15, 2017 by Freddyfazbear1390

    Gosh! I'm sick of this! First I get fired from my job, then I don't have enough money for my apartment, now I can't even find a job! How am I going to even have a house? Accident after accident. But today, as I was getting the paper, a slip fell out. I decided to pick it up and read it. It said:


    I gasped, not only would that be enough for my apartment but it would also be enough to buy some pizza from that place. So, I decided I would ask to be hired. And it didn't take that long at all, the conversation between me and the manager went like this

    "Hi, I'm mike schmidt"

    "Hello, welcome to Freddy fazbears pizza, where fantasy and fun come to …

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  • Go2Rutledge

    After 10 months...

    I got 1,500 edits....

    I couldn't believe this.

    And I was offline for 3 months....

    so that is 7 months....

    but still....

    the edit count.....


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  • Cheesegrater74

    Welcome back fellow reapers.

    Happy almost Valentine's Day.


    Don't really have much to say here lol, so I will leave it in your hands to comment anything and everything.

    Gonna make this every week or two now because it is the most active place on the wikia at times :P


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  • DocKnickerbocker

    It's Mr. Mark Twain

    February 12, 2017 by DocKnickerbocker


    Besides the closing of the roleplay board (Which, while I lament the fact that it was closed - it was basically the cornerstone of my existence here, haha - it had declined greatly), what have I missed?

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