• H950sm

    Some wouldn't even look at this blog.

    Some may have seen the above sentence, and/or title, and have started reading.

    Some may have seen the second sentence, and thought for a while, and then began to read the blog.

    Some may have a turn in their mind because they saw the above sentences and wondered about it for a while, until they see the below line.

    Some may notice the CAPITALIZATION and begin reading from here. Then they might look up and begin to comprehend about what's going on in the blog.

    Mostly, people wouldn't comment, for it were the case that this line was not in existence. Now, they might be going to post a comment about something, and they expect me to reply.

    Now, after seeing the above line, they would be in a quite state of confusi…

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  • PBEgaming

    Important post

    June 23, 2017 by PBEgaming

    Click his nose!

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  • JeSuisSuper
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  • Goldeaglefire1

    So I had a dream/nightmare about...well, as far as I can tell, it was just a bunch of unrelated stuff stuck together; and it involved Animaniacs, Boss Baby, BIONICLE, My Little Pony, Undertale, some sort of wierd kareoke/Guitar Hero combination, staying in a house, a horror game, and a red demonic anthropomorphic chicken.

    ...And the only part I can remember clearly about the dream is the part with the red demonic anthropomorphic chicken.

    {insert title of blog here}

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  • TheRealGoldenFreddy534

    tell me your favorite animatronic below. my fav animatronic is me :P.

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    So, the Ninety Percent. A series where I react to bad FNaF fanworks, type out my reactions as I watch/read the fanworks, and slowly lose my sanity whilst doing so.

    That's all well and good...but what about everyone else? Just because FNaF has one of the loudest and most irritating vocal minorities doesn't mean that other fandoms don't have them too. In fact, all fandoms have a vocal minority - it's just a matter of how loud and how large they are. And believe me, if you thought the stuff on the Ninety Percent was bad...well, let's just say it can get worse. Much. Much. Worse. As if I didn't lose enough faith in humanity already...

    I've only covered a small part on this level of internet hell. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Other Ninety …

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  • FaZeSans

    click on this

    June 21, 2017 by FaZeSans

    Hey there.

    Open me.

    On this lil present.

    Over there.

    im moving.

    look on my message.


    your done.

    not yet

    look on my comment down this blog post.

    after you looked at the comment....

    MISSION PASSED | Respect+

    after you saw the new present

    you get a free imaginary hotdog or a jar of nutella

    we had a new lil friendship

    we had fun

    its time to say goodbye.

    i have to go to dramaalert as im the new news anchor


    but hold on

    i got one question for you



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  • H950sm

    what is this?

    June 20, 2017 by H950sm

    A blog.

    ​Btw I've returned after a long time too long to be called long. And the wiki is...

    ​You know what I mean.

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  • Kingpin4

    Endo ending

    June 19, 2017 by Kingpin4
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  • CoolGuyMav

    YZYB'H YZXP....

    June 18, 2017 by CoolGuyMav


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  • John20167

    Hi Its me John20167 If you cilck on one of the babys It will bring you to here So Good job or You only Saw my shitty Blog post.

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    How Not to Respond to a Vandal:

    Spamming "Fuck You" over and over.

    How to Respond to a Vandal:

    Compose a message that points out that there have been several, SEVERAL vandals before, that they all failed, that the vandal is no different from them, and does not stand out in any particular way from the rest in a Reason You Suck Speech.

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  • Adventure Toy Foxy

    Can someone please help me? I'm being bullied by a user named Викилосипед.

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  • Punisherhere

    You deserve this

    June 13, 2017 by Punisherhere

    So this is me whem I'm alright and calm


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  • LochNessOtter499


    June 13, 2017 by LochNessOtter499

    I can no longer stay on this wiki now that the tabs at the top of the page have all switched places. This layout is literally unusable. It took me a whole 3 hours to even make my way to the blog page because everything is all messed up. Everytime I try to go to the forums, or Recent Activity, I accidentally click on one of the pages for the game when I already know everything about the game and can recite every page word for word including the filenames of the images.

    So, thanks everyone, its been grreat until U SWITCH THE TABS AROUND


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  • Thuyenthegreat


    June 13, 2017 by Thuyenthegreat


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  • Ranger-X

    I have decided to abandon all Wikia websites except the one I made yesterday. Because I have made a big change in my lifestyle, I must separate from you for my own sake and for your sakes. I am sorry for doing this and I hope you understand. :(

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  • Jeffrey Penguin


    I'll be celebrating here myself.


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  • Ezorde

    I'm back

    June 11, 2017 by Ezorde

    So yeah, I'm back to the wiki

    I really haven't been busy lately, and won't be busy anytime soon, plus the novel comes out in two weeks and some people already have it, and Scott started playing with again, so it seems like the perfect time for me to come back

    I'll probably make a thread tomorrow or after tomorrow regarding what I think this is all about

    See you on the theorist board n00bs

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  • OtakuKittieCat

    I know that there are hundreds of Marionette gender theories out there. I'm simply adding to them.

    I think that that the Marionette was never meant to have a gender. I feel that after all this fandoming, SOMEBODY would have found solid evidence that everybody can agree on. Everyone's taking apart the game, looking for a gender. Why can nobody actually agree on one? The answer is simple. There isn't one.

    Please don't hate on me, I won't delete any comments but I don't want people being mean so if you can't say something nice, don't say it at all. Besides being mean, feel free to say whatever you want about my theory.

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  • Thuyenthegreat


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  • Choleiheart123


    June 9, 2017 by Choleiheart123

    Here's some facts about chica, well if you didn't already know. Anyways here's that facts:

    1.Chica is often the second to move, AFTER Bonnie.

    2. Chica is the second least active, next to Freddy's behavior during the Moring.

    3. Chica MAY have a second pair of teeth. BUT many thinks it's just the Endo Skelton.

    And that's some facts about Chica. I hope you enjoy!!

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  • TheFlamingBeast98

    holy shit

    June 6, 2017 by TheFlamingBeast98

    it's fucking 2017 and here i am, barely able to see my keyboard, typing a blog post on an FNAF wiki. god i remember this place way more then i should. sure, i can look back at all the weird things i've said on here and cringe now, but i can't say that at the time i didn't enjoy it. so, cheers to this i guess. i'll never be around here again.

    thanks for the memories/traumatic experiences

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  • Bleepbloopblop

    so i was on night 4 at 4 am on fnaf 1 mobile and i was doing pretty good. chica was very aggressive, and usually showed up at the door once per hour, bonnie and foxy had only tried to attack once, and freddy had just started moving. so anyways now that freddy was active i needed to slow him down by checking  his movement path. so i checked the restroom. he wasn't, but for a second there was static. i KNEW that wasn't freddy because i had just checked the dining area and i saw him there. so i assumed chica was moving into the kitchen. so then i put down the monitor and and then all of a sudden: 

    if anyone knows what the heck happened, can they please tell me?

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  • Darlaimernr


    June 3, 2017 by Darlaimernr

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  • Prosper-no

    For those who were around one-two years ago, you may recall someone named Mr. Mark Twain. After a bit of a prolonged absence, I'm back - so sorry for having left to begin with, aha...

    Anyways, I'm not entirely sure if anybody is still here from when I used to frequent this place, but I hope to have a nice time all the same. 

    Hope to talk to y'all soon.

    - Twain

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  • The Xoudian

    I haven't gotten back into FNaF, but I came back for the friends I made here.

    Poope is now a Discord server.

    On there, I'm making a Thuyen-style comic. He really inspired me to get back into this community and start creating cool things again.

    (Little note though, you can't be one of the main characters. There are enough now. But if I remember you, and you join the server, you might find yourself making a cameo.)

    Also, I just got back, and I'm one of the top contributors. That's pretty sad, really.

    So yeah


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  • Thuyenthegreat


    May 31, 2017 by Thuyenthegreat

    as a punishment for no one mentioning my birthday on the 27 im delaying the comic till next week >;(


    >A wikia contributer joins FNAF wiki.

    >He then proceed to kill Yossipossi who just wanted to have a fucking nice time.

    >He then murders an innocent chair

    >He then dyed his skin purple because some commenter suggest he does that.

    >He then triggered DMBY.

    >He then went to a questionable convention the roleplay board.

    >He then killed a demon.

    >With fries.

    >Yeah this doesnt make sense.

    >He then proceed to eat the fries and died because the fries tasted like SHIT.

    >He then respawns.

    >Yossipossi found out who murdered him and engaged in BATTLE.

    >In the heat of the battle a kermit plush jumps in to defend the mass of darkness with red eyes agains…

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    So, fandoms. They're fine, really. You can make some friends, go to conventions, and discuss one of your favorite games/books/whatever with other people, just by associating with a certain group on the internet.

    ...But then there's the part of fandoms that no one likes to talk about: the vocal minority. These people are the worst part of any fandom - the overprotective fans, the egotistical fans, and fans that I'm sure we're all familiar with...the bad content creators. Sure, there's probably some good to be salvaged from what they create...somewhere, but the bad is so prominent, that your first reaction is to lose faith in humanity. And even if you manage to make some constructive criticism, a good amount of them won't listen.

    Now, consider…

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  • Thuyenthegreat


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  • GrandTheftAutoFanatic

    Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is now my waifu.

    Just saying...

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  • Coooogrtcdsztzx

    I tried to seach one,but a didit find any,how about someone makes a really good wikia for it....anyone?

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  • Thuyenthegreat

    EVERYONE MAKE A RULE,AND IT SHALL BE ADDED HERE. (Similar to Rules Of The Internet [Kind of explicit].)

    1. The cupcake isn't edible. Don't bother.

    2. If you receive a phone call late at night, answer it.

    3. Once you've sat down for your night shift, you are not allowed to move.

    4. Chica is a chicken, not a duck.

    5. The only rule you need to follow is rule 6.

    6. The only rule you need to follow is rule 5.


    8. Whatever you do, do not touch the paper cutouts. It took us a week to scrape down the remains of the last guy who did this. We're seriously considering c…

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  • FaZeSans


    May 16, 2017 by FaZeSans

    nothing around this page :)

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  • DB511611

    Did you know?

    Freddy Fazbear was originally going to be a badger, but Scott chose a bear instead because he saw Markiplier play FNaF 2 on his channel and said "man, it would be much cooler if it was a bear, it worked so well in fnaf2" so he made freddy a bear

    Bonnie the bunny was originally going to be female but Scott changed the gender at the last second to prevent confusion, this is why the name is Bonnie yet the character is male

    Theres a secret ending in FNaF 1 that was undiscovered until years later, if you are on the last night of the game and you win just after the power runs out, you get a different end screen with a new paycheck, revealing a full date, a different name and a large amount of money, plus loads of easter eggs

    Foxy the p…

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  • SuicideHenryk

      Can't wait for this book! I wonder if it will have anything to do with the lore of FNaF?

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  • Itsgettingweirdhere
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  • DB511611


    May 13, 2017 by DB511611

    Antoine is a French given name (from Latin Antonius) that could mean beyond praise or highly praise-worthy. The female form is Antoinette.

    Antonius translates to "Anthony"

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  • Azboy2004

    5 months later...

    May 13, 2017 by Azboy2004

    lol i'm back to being a thing

    Now let's see what the RP board is like...

    okay so it's being blanked

    mostly because it's dead

    ok see you in another 5 months

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  • Thuyenthegreat

    it's called "Grave of the fireflies",and since studio ghibli stuff have always been cute and vibrant,this one will be too!

    i dont know why but one of my friends told me to post my reactions in text here.

    welp,time to start!

    EDIT: what tHE FUCK

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  • Cheesegrater74

    I always see a ton of blogs and threads being like

    "Sup my dudes I am a super popular user that has finally returned to the wiki I bet you all missed me XD !!!11!!1!1!!!!"

    Soory to be pessimistic, but you probably aren't as popular as you think. Out of all the times people have posted this, I have only recognized the user doing so a handful of times. Ease back on it my guys.

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  • Cheesegrater74

    That's right! It's ma birthday!

    Sunno what else to say.


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  • Cheesegrater74

    That's right, it's ma birthday!

    Onky one more year until Im officially and adult! Watch out world!

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  • King of Five Nights at Freddys

    In Five Nights at Freddys 2, you have your withered animatronics, which were the animatronics before the toys. But did you know they were springsuits? No? Well heres some evidence pointing to that:

    On Withered foxy, you can see his exposed arms. Those arms are the same as Springtrap's arms. Springtrap was built with the SAME technology as the Original 4. Its the same with all of them. They all have the springsuit endoskeleton. 

    With Withered Freddy, your given a spare head from withered freddy. A human can fit in that, and from what it seems, its a pretty snug fit. If theyre the same heads as Withered Freddy's is, then Freddy is also a spring suit.

    On Withered Chica, Her endoskeleton is big, and has lots of empty space. This empty space may b…

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  • NightcoreKawaiiNico

    About Me

    May 8, 2017 by NightcoreKawaiiNico

    Hello. I had discovering to be in Wiki for a long time to share my ideas and details to reveal the real answer. You'll see me everywhere, like, honestly. I actually love Love Live! and Five Nights at Freddy's because they are really big mysteries. I want to tell you that I love video games and books, anything I can read.

    So, hope you enjoy this every single something is new I will update. See ya soon!

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  • Pitstop132

    Hey guys we all know that few animatronics have psycic powers and i thought i could ask you guys who's the strongest . Well here is the link,(click the blue color 1 )[1] And am i missing an animatronic or accidently added one? Please coment.

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  • Chica Nunnally

    Um, what the heck happened to chat? Last time I was here, it was very active. And now it's empty - as in, zero activity.

    Nothing at all.

    Just... what in the world happened, anyway?

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  • MinnieMeows45

    Name Gender
    Bonnet  Unknown.

    Bonnet looks slightly alike to the Bonnie puppet only Bonnet is pink, it's eyes are green and it looks creepier during it's jumpscare. It is believed by some but very few people that Bonnet was on Yenndo's left hand, but it seems absurd because if you look closely, Yenndo has both of his hands.

    1. Before it's jumpscare plays, she is giggling whilst circling you.
    2. You see it on a rare occasion.

    • Bonnet  appears in FNAF sister location as a lesser-known character, in the custom night, I think.
    • Hopefully Bonnet will have be a part of the next game, if one comes out.
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  • TheWalkingLawn

    I just want to know about your thoughts/experience playing the whole game and discovering who is the most terriying animatronic for you. Mine is Withered Foxy because he always creeps me out when I play FNaF 2 and that freaking hallucination of him is so scary XDD And he even showed up in FNaF World

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  • MinnieMeows45

    Name: Lolbit

    Appearance: Lolbit is a white fox with purple cheeks, lips and a purple bow on it's neck. It has a yellowy-orange tail tip, muzzle, belly and toes. Unlike most animatronics, it's eyes are black but pupils are glowing yellow. It also has a hook on it's paw, similiar to Foxy, Funtime Foxy and possibly Mangle.

    Gender: Unknown, so I will refer to Lolbit as in "it".

    • Lolbit has appeared  in Sister Location but on a rare occasion. When the Ennard mask disappears from the Primary Control Area, the player may see a Lolbit head in the Ennard mask's place. 
    • In FNAF World, you may know that you can purchase Bytes from Lolbit.    


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