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A question about the wiki regarding JJ

Will JJ after the release of the Ultimate Custom Night DLC get her own page ?
I mean the non-canon halloween Animatronics from FNAF 4's DLC got there own pages or tabs
and JJ also appeared in FNAF 2
A character that appeared in a CANON part of a CANON game so that i would say is a another good reason going for her getting her own page.
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JJ won't be getting a page because if we did give her a page, it would be a stub which is a super small page that we try not to have. I'll speak with the other mods though and see what we decide.

In regards to canon, you're correct about her being canon now. However, just because she's canon doesn't mean she immediately gets a page to herself. The page she's already located on is a canon page.
Thanks for the reply.
I would think that this also confirms shes not a hallucination however i won't shove that maybe-fact down your throat and force you to make the page.

Same things for the Shadows really they are not hallucinations cus if they were i'm sure the souls inside the Animatronics would not be able to see them in the exact same way as we see them in FNAF 2 (ie FNAF 3 minigames) however the page for them would be again so small that you would not think it would be worth it unless you would combine them.
How do you mean, getting her own page? Here on the Wiki?
Yes, her own page on the wiki, separate from the hallucinations page.
After speaking with the admins at length about it, we decided if we were to separate her from the hallucinations page, she'll at most have a tab on the Balloon Boy page.
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