Ok. So this midnight motorist minigame is pretty mysterious.

It is a secret minigame that is unlockable by entering a secret exit on lap 4 on the midnight motorist racing game arcade game.

It shows us driving on a path in a spruce tree heavy rual environment.

There is a place called Jr's we can visit and then we may our way home. The car stops, and the driver reveals himself to be Orange.

Then our new sprite man, Orange Guy, made his way into the house, yelled at a kid for locking himself in a room, and then made his way out back in an attempt to enter the kid's bedroom, only to find a broken window and footprints, showing that the kid ran off to "that place".

The minigame then ends.

This minigame is mysterious in nature, and has spawned multiple theories on what it may mean.

But in order to figure it out, all you really need to do is look around.

The weather is raining just like how it is in the security puppet minigame that we know is a minigame about how Charlotte (Henry's daughter) possessed the puppet.

And we also see a purple car driving off from a place we don't get to see, which ties into how William Afton drove off TO a place we don't get to see after killing the take cake child.

As well as the aesthetic of the place, jr's and the car model as well as the house items seem very much like the architecture from the early 1970s, which is when Charlotte's murder took place.

So this is showing William Afton, who is Orange Guy, driving off after killing Charlotte.

But why is he Orange?

Well, the thing is, Purple Guy was purple to show a Shadow Figure.

And he was always a shadow figure in FNaF 1 through 4, back when he had no idea who he even was or what he did as a occupation at Freddy's.

But now that Sister Location revealed that Purple Guy is William Afton, he can be not in shadows anymore, as his identity has been revealed and he has stepped out of shadows.

So that's that, but what does the empty lot and him being kicked out of jr's mean?

Well fellow user @Elix_11 pointed out a lot of similarities to the immortal and the restless.

William Afton being kicked out of jr's is like how at one point in the show Vlad, who we know by the Purple suit, represents William Afton, got his paycheck at the fry me taco place docked in the night 3 episode.

And it is possible that back in the 1970s William Afton was not a worker at Freddy's but rather a fry cook for jr's. And this is showing William's failed job as a fry cook.

And the empty lot seems from the color scheme like it is the remains of a burnt building.

This is similar to how Vlad's house was on fire in the night 4 episode, which is revealed in the fake ending episode to have been burned to the ground in the aftermath of the fire in night 5.

The layout in the midnight motorist minigame does not look like a house, but it may have been possibly a pavilion or something that burned down.

It is also possible that this was an outdoor pavilion for Jr's, and that William Afton perhaps accidentally knocked over the grill and then it burned the place to the ground, which would explain why he was kicked out and banned from jr's.

And William Afton fighting with his kid and the person in the chair, who may very well be the mother aka mrs. Afton, defending the child in the room just like how clara from the immortal and the restless did when Vlad would not accept the baby as his own son.

That then gives us this minigame showing us a perfect picture of the beginning of the Afton family, showing us through a minigame showing William Afton driving off after killing Henry's daughter what it was like back in the day (specifically the early 1970s) when it was just William Afton, the mom, Michael Afton, and them fighting.

And that is the story of the midnight motorist in a nutshell.