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Which other games are you excited for this year.

In 2018, there will be a whole new brand of new games this year. So, who's excited?
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Tortured Remnants, FNaF Final Hours 3, Jolly 3 Update 2, Project Melies (I’m willing to check it out, even though there’s very little info), and Project OPIA.
Pretty fair choices.
So far, all we know about Project Méliès is that it’s sci-fi and seems to take place in an underwater vessel.
Games can be pretty scary when it involves the ocean.
Oh yeah... if done right, the ocean can be a frightening place.

In fact, some parts of Subnautica scare me, and it’s not even horror to begin with.
What about Friday the 13th?
As I’ve said before, I’m excited for the single-player scenarios and the Jason X DLC.

Although, what I’m really hoping for is the opportunity to play as Pamela Voorhees. If Roy, who is also a human can make it in no worse for wear, then I don’t understand why Pamela isn’t an option.
Because she can probably die. I mean, imagine her getting hit by every weapon in the game.
Thanks whoever upvoted!
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