Since I can finally upload pictures, I CAN EXPLAIN WHY CC BEING SHADOW FREDDY IS WRONG

The explaination would be in the comments tho.

*clears throat*

Starting with the explaination:
Candy cadet told us a story about a boy found 5 kittens, but one of them got eaten by a snake.
The boy then cut the snake open, and put the remains of the cat together, then put it in the shoebox.

Here, in this cutscene we have CC, PFF, and the 4 plushies. Now what if CC is meant to be the 5th kitten? And PFF is that Boy? Candy Cadet said that the boy PUT THE REMAINS of the cat BACK TOGETHER, and PFF told CC that he was going TO PUT HIM BACK TOGETHER. Moving to the remaining 4 cats, its evident that they are the plushies in the scene. They may not be representing the older brother and his friends, but how the Puppet has given lives to the MCI kids (Yes I believe that PFF is the Puppet in this case, because he is just in CC dreams, and not in real life), so you can consider that PFF was trying to tell CC that he is going to give him life, just like the MCI kids, but here the plushies are 4, they are not 5 as the MCI, which tells us that the CC is the 5th kid to be given life to.....