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Custom Night still has a lot to go through.

I mean, it's most likely Scott's doing ONLY the AI and nothing else. He still has to do the cutscenes, menu, rooms, models, poses and mechanics.
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Or it's just an intention that didn't become a reality.
The final cut scene is going to have to reveal something in the franchise that we missed or create something to off from.
That is, if there even are cutscenes, which is quite likely.
at the end of every CN Scott has he has always added a cut scene at the end so it makes sense for him to add one to the end of the UCN
Um... not for FNaF 1 and FNaF 2.

Maybe there could be different lore revelations in each cutscene:

The Bite of '87
CC's animatronic identity.
Shadow Bonnie's origins (and Shadow Freddy if he isn't CC).
Mrs. Afton's fate.
A glimpse of William's childhood.
How William and Henry met.
Ennard ejecting Elizabeth/Baby from it's collective.

The final cutscene: Whatever dialogue happens between the characters inside the pizzeria simulation while it burns and destroys every animatronic inside.
Hopefully, if there are cutscenes, we'll get some clarification as to who Mr. Mustard is.
Oh, yeah, Orange Guy too. And while we’re at it, William’s motives (if no other cutscene provides insight).
Or where he goes at the end of the easter egg in the Midnight Motorist where he wlaks off into the forest behind the house
So many possibilities, so much excitement! XD
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